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Streetwise Spirituality
by Carol Marleigh Kline

Reviewed by Carol Marleigh Kline

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Streetwise Spirituality Author Interview

Carol Kline was a motivated television anchor/producer, talk show host, university teacher, editor, and on the list of "Who's Who of American Women." But that had nothing to do with why she wrote Streetwise­ Spirituality: 28 Days to Inner Fitness and Everyday Enlightenment. As time passed, her travels ended, career dreams shattered, relationships exploded, and Carol began to wonder why nothing had turned out as rosy as her beginnings.

After moving cross country to Oregon, she stumbled on a box she had kept unopened since age 13. In it she found transcripts from when her mom would take her to spiritual lectures. Carol flashed back to the experiences and the teacher who said that his name was not important, only the lessons mattered. Up until the discovery of this box, Carol had rejected all thoughts of inner growth. But now, she was ready to reconsider. 

She decided to spend just 10 minutes browsing the transcripts. There she found something huge... a way to dive into her dark emotions and turn her life around. From there, Streetwise Spirituality and a new life for Carol were born.

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't one of those, "I see the light!" books filled with tales of rainbows and lollipops. It's a SUPER gutsy and raw look into the mind and heart of a woman who is brave enough to expose her unedited thoughts, "oh-wow" experiences, and an unapologetic look at how she finally GREW UP using patience, perseverance, and adaptability.

Carol's writing has a similar feel to Sara Wiseman, Caroline Myss, Pema Chodron, Suzanne Jauchus, and even a bit like Elizabeth Gilbert... all women who are unafraid to be REAL in order to help others. I'm cursing Carol this morning as I could not put this book down until 3 AM last night! 

Streetwise Spirituality is not a memoir, it's one of the most PRACTICAL, hands-on guides I've ever seen. You can follow a 28-day practice that asks you to weigh habits, connect with your deeper self, and consider new ways of looking at yourself and your life.

Each of the 28 days is structured like this:A. Specific mantra and morning meditation

B. Relevant quote from the "unknown lecturer"

C. Life story from Carol (and boy, are they ever JUICY!)

D. Growth Practice (questions to ask yourself)

E. Journaling/Thinking Exercise

F. Practice in Conscious Expansion (getting deep)

G. Think About (reflections)

H. Good Night MeditationNow, here's the thing... If you don't have people in your life who embrace spirituality, this book could become your new best friend. But if you have a group of women, 30 years old +, who would be willing to do the practice together, it could be a tremendous adventure of bonding, expansion, laughs, and vulnerability. And men, if you find that women sometimes baffle you, you could learn a lot about what we're thinking (behind our words and actions) in this book!

More importantly, if you feel like lately you've been on a spiritual hamster wheel, try this book on for size. It has the potential to reignite your energy and shift some things for you in a profound way. 

Finally, I want to highlight some situations from the book which serve as mirrors into our lives: 
Feeling insulted that your boss is younger than you ~ freaking out while waiting in lines ~ getting yelled at while driving ~ trying to look young to feel powerful ~ blaming things, situations, and people for what happens ~ believing that changing people will make us happy ~ giving up on people and projects too easily ~ and a biggie... resenting that we have to do what we DON'T want to do!

Review by Erin Donley, New Renaissance Bookshop on the book, Streetwise Spirituality, by Carol Marleigh Kline.


Author, Internet radio host, and speaker Carol Marleigh Kline, coaches people to work with fears and emotions to establish a lasting peace between who they really are and what others expect of them. To learn more about Streetwise Spirituality: 28 Days to Inner Fitness and Everyday Enlightenment, visit http://www.StreetwiseSpirituality.org/

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