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Librarian no Chronist and other Stories
by Priestley E. E. B.

Reviewed by Caronte

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Philosophical wonders of the Far East in the form of light stories

What is like to be a librarian?

In my opinion (I studied some Philosophy courses at college),all about being a librarian is all about growing as person and viceversa. The book is basically a kind of moral-story book about different "types" of being a human. I think the figure of the librarian is used as analogy to human and the stories he tells as situations that a human could face.

The stories that the librarian uses to answer the above question seem to actually be stories about life, and what is inside life: morals, happiness and sadness, lies, truth. This switching back and forth between two concepts (dualism) is a central topic in the book: so we have librarians and chronists (chroniclers), humans and shadows, memories and oblivion, redemption and rendition and so on. All this seems to be inspired by the eastern sages ideas of yin and yang and the idea of trascending both sides of the coin.

If you like Eastern Philosophy but don't want some heavy in-depth 300 page book on the subject, then Librarian no Chronist and other Stories is a very nice reading.

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