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You Remind Me Of You (Push Poetry)
by Eireann Corrigan

Reviewed by Jaemi

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Well worn, well read

This was the first PUSH book I purchased, and it's been read so many times (at least once a year) that I now own two copies, the first held together with scotch tape. Since reading it the first time, I've become an avid PUSH fanatic and a big fan of poetry novels.

A memoir of some very troubled times, for some people this would probably be a really sad book. In fact my mother read it on my recommendation and couldn't at all relate. She thought it was really depressing. But that's not what I take away from it.

Eireann Corrigan led a fairly priveleged life as a teen: Private School, bent rules... But the other side of that coin was the pressure that came with said life, and the years spent in hospital wards. The struggle to decide to make it in the world.

When her first boyfriend shoots himself and the next drives into a tree, the odds just don't seem likely. She concludes it must be her.

Through these poems she relates her story. The trials, the triumphs, the small steps and the large, the love and the disillusionment. And the lessons so hardly learned.


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