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  • ISBN10: 0307381439
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  • Paperback
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  • Three Rivers Press

13 Bullets: A Vampire Tale
by David Wellington

Reviewed by Max

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Vampires, a new rationale for their existance

Wellington is the author of the Zombie series that began with Monster Island. Here he turns his eye to vampires. His vampires have many of the attributes we typically apply to these creatures but their method of creation is vastly different. Vampirism is transmitted as a sort of mental virus rather than the usual method of transferring blood. The seed for creating a vampire is planted in a susceptible person who is then led to commit suicide which completes the act. I enjoyed this new approach to creating a vampire not that I don't still have a soft spot for the vampires of Buffy and Angel.

In 13 Bullets, the world knows about vampires but think that the last was destroyed decades ago. But then an incident at a routine sobriety checkpoint reveals that vampires might still be among us. Pennsylvania State Trooper Laura Caxton who was present at the checkpoint gets recruited by U. S. Marshall Arkeley, the last vampire hunter, who is brought out of retirement to take over the investigation. Tommy Lee Jones would be good in the role of Arkeley.

Arkeley reveals that there is one remaining vampire, a woman named Malvern, kept in an old hospital, and starved to keep her weakened. She is still alive because she hasn't actually attacked a human and the courts have ruled that she can't be executed. Arkeley suspects that she is somehow involved in the re-emergence of vampires and would love to prove it so that he can put her away once and for all.

How the case progresses is well done and interesting and moves along at a good pace. Aside from the supernatural elements it could be a police procedural. Caxton is a lesbian and she and her partner live remotely in the country (you think that might be important?). Caxton herself seems to be particularly interesting to the vampires.

All in all, 13 Bullets is a worthy addition to an overcrowded genre. My main criticism is the abrupt ending which screams "you'll have to wait for the sequel." I thought it seemed a bit clumsy.

Cheers - Mack Lundy - Mack Pitches Up

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